If you plan to be part of the next phase of the Dairy industry, this free event is not to be missed!

Sign up now to discover the most exciting Dairy Tech Start-ups commercially available in the USA. You will learn about the solutions that they bring to solve some of the most critical problems dairy producers face, like labor shortage, manure treatment, feed bunk management, cow behaviour monitoring, disease treatment or milk quality.

These pitches will be followed by a discussion with our panel of industry experts on the future of Dairy Tech: what solutions to maximize efficiencies, increase profitability on the farm and answer the challenges we face of being sustainable?

Dairy Tech Spotlights

The World Dairy Expo Tech Spotlight offers a fantastic opportunity to the most exciting Dairy Tech companies to showcase their technology, business model and experience with producers. Each start-up will have 5 minutes to pitch before taking a few questions from our panel of independent dairy experts.

Discover each company that takes part in the Tech Spotlight and don't hesitate to ask your questions in advance of the event.

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